Watch Blizzard’s Hearthstone Announcement Here at 5:30 PM Eastern (Stream Over!)

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We’re 30 minutes out from Blizzard’s huge Hearthstone (Free) announcement which is taking place live in San Francisco this afternoon. They’re going to be taking the stage at 2:30 PM Pacific (5:30 PM Eastern) and are going to be putting on a presentation that runs at least an hour, if internet rumblings are to be believed. If the rumors turn out to be true, we’re going to see the unveiling of a new card set likely themed after the Argent Tournament, which was a World of Warcraft world event from a few years ago. The rumor mill expects interesting new cards that fiddle with armor mechanics, sort of similar to how Goblins vs Gnomes added a bunch of cards that interacted with mechs.

You can watch the live stream below, and, if you’re a bad enough dude, endure the Twitch chat a little below that. Since the player is embedded, the volume is muted by default so be sure to turn it up if you’re in a place where audio from a video game stream is appropriate. Or you could go watch it direct on Twitch, but that doesn’t feel as fun as huddling around the TouchArcade fire.

If you can’t watch the stream, no big deal, we’ll have a roundup with everything you missed as soon as the event is over.

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