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Catch a Ultra-Brief Glimpse of Prettygreat’s First Game in This Just-Released Video

If you’ve been wondering what the guys at Prettygreat have been up to since the huge news that Hipster Whale, the developers of Crossy Road, game them a big ol’ chunk of money… This brief video just posted by the team gives you a bit of a tease. It seems like they’ve been carrying stuff, eating sandwiches, spinning in office chairs, and making a game which you get a few fraction of a second glimpses of:

I’m super stoked to see an official Prettygreat release, or anything that’s more than a tease as there’s so much talent in that studio it’s insane. Combine that with the bankroll of Crossy Road, and how could whatever they release not be amazing?

No pressure or anything, of course. 😉