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‘Pac-Man Bounce’ is an Interesting Puzzle Game Soft Launched in Canada and Australia

While perhaps we’re all waiting on both Pac-Man 256 and Pac-Man Championship Edition to release on mobile, Namco’s got another Pac-Man game that actually looks pretty interesting, called Pac-Man Bounce. This one is a puzzle game where you must move different directional blocks around to get Pac-Man to eat all the dots in the level in one go, without failing through touching a ghost, or falling in a pit, or whatever methods a Pac-Man meets his demise by. The game throws in an interesting wrinkle, where Pac-Man can bounce diagonally off of walls in order to complete mazes.

This game actually sounds kind of clever, and what companies like Namco should be doing: making interesting new games off of their existing IP that they can leverage into games we should care about, instead of another match-3 game. Though a Pac-Man Clash of Clans (Free) clone could be amusing. This one’s soft launched in Canada and Australia, and is expected to go worldwide later this year. Might just be interesting enough to keep an eye on.