‘Galaxy Trucker’ Multiplayer Missions Added, iPad Version Gets Price Cut

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Czech Games Edition has announced that Galaxy Trucker ($4.99), the digital adaptation of the renowned board game, has a pretty neat new multiplayer feature. Multiplayer Missions are in the game in the latest update, which bring new rule tweaks and other modifications to multiplayer games to spice up the experience. Some things have been added from the singleplayer campaign, such as different cargo types, but new aspects have been added just for the multiplayer missions.

These missions can be accessed from the online lobby, with a new mission popping up every two days. These are in both iPhone and iPad versions of the game. Plus, if you want to check out the iPad version, it’s gotten a price cut to $4.99, same price as the iPhone version. So hey, while a universal version would be great, at least you don’t have to pay more for one platform compared to the other now, I suppose! The updates are available right now for both versions.

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