Gather Up All Your UPC Codes, ‘Barcode Knight’ is Out Now

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Get all your barcodes ready, because Barcode Knight ($0.99) is out right now. I’ve gotten to play some of it, and it’s really clever, built off the same idea as Barcode Kingdom ($0.99), which is currently free if you want to try that out. You scan UPC codes to fight in dungeons generated from that code, getting the same dungeon each time, consisting of the same enemies. So, you can grind off of fighting the same barcode, and some barcodes will give you better fights than others.

As you fight, you’ll level up your character, and earn new equipment, which you can fuse into new equipment, and sell for gold. There is a quasi-energy system, where you can use your AP to either generate a dungeon without a barcode, and to heal mid-game. Battling is handled automatically, so the fun comes from managing your character and finding a ton of UPC codes to scan. Seriously, they’re everywhere, so go to your cabinets, go through your game boxes! Turn your consumerism into entertainment!

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    The sequel to Barcode Kingdom has finally launched! Teleport to a dungeon by offering a barcode up as a sacrifice to a b…
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