Freebie Alert: ‘Card Wars – Adventure Time’ Goes Free For The First Time

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There sure are a ton of Adventure Time games on the App Store these days. I’m not sure which is the best one, but I’ve certainly noticed which seems to be the most popular one: Card Wars ($3.99). Its combination of being a paid app while making use of a stamina meter with timers didn’t win it a lot of friends around here, to be sure, but it certainly did well for itself in the App Store. It stuck around in the top ten paid app charts for quite a while and received a bunch of good updates, with the most recent one adding an expansion called Doing It The Card Way, featuring Fiona and Cake, for the price of $2.99. Well, if the price tag on the app was your issue, I’ve got some good news for you today. For the first time ever, Card Wars – Adventure Time has dropped to the affordable price of $0.00.

Released in February of 2014, Card Wars is based on the similarly-titled episode of the popular series. An actual physical card game launched a few days later, the opposite order of how these things usually tend to go. While the rules aren’t quite as hard to follow as they were in that episode, it’s certainly a light-hearted take on the whole card game concept, while still maintaining enough depth to keep things interesting. I should probably also mention that while the stamina and timers are still in the game, one of the updates greatly reduced the duration of those timers, making them a near non-issue, in my opinion. Given that it’s free to try, it’s kind of hard to argue against at least trying it out at this point, right?

If I had to guess the reason why it’s free, I’d be inclined to point to that Fiona and Cake expansion. It makes sense to get the base game into as many hands as possible to entice players to pick up the new content. With that in mind, it’s hard to say how long the game will be free, or if it’s going to stay that way permanently, as it certainly could make money well enough going that route. But at least at the time of writing, I’ve got nothing more for you than my own simple speculation. That, and a free app. If that’s all we’ve got, friends, we’re still doing pretty okay in my books.

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