‘Geometry Wars 3’ Updates With ‘Evolved’ Content Including 40 New Levels And More

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As iOS ports go, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions ($9.99) is something of a marvel. The developers did a great job of recreating the game on mobile, and as for the game itself, it’s so great it even brought a smile to the villainous Carter Dotson’s face in his five-star review of it. One of the few criticisms a person could level at the game was the lack of content from the Evolved update that other versions had received. We all had a feeling it was coming at some point, however, and that point is here and now.

The Evolved update includes 40 brand new levels and 5 new grids to play on, nearly doubling the length of the game. It also adds new gameplay modes, more boss battles, and a special hardcore mode for players who found the vanilla content to be just too easy. It’s a huge update, and just as it was with other versions, it’s completely free to anyone who owns the base game. Just head on over to the App Store and hit that little update button and you’ll be in colorful, geometric heaven once more.

At this point, the only content missing from this version is the multiplayer mode, which seems pretty unlikely to be added. Still, for just $4.99 versus the $14.99 of other versions, it’s a small pill to swallow. So, if you were waiting for this content before making the jump on Geometry Wars 3, you know what to do. On the other hand, if you already bought the game, well, your day is sorted.

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