This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is all Webspinners and Random Spells!

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I think I’ve realized something about Hearthstone‘s (Free) Tavern Brawl mode: I like when Blizzard goes for an RNG idea rather than a more “skill" based mode like last week’s; fortunately for me, this week’s Brawl has plenty of RNG, and that’s fantastic. After Ragnaros vs Nefarian and last week’s Banana Brawl, Blizzard has gone with preconstructed decks that contain only Webspinners and a random selection of spells from the class you pick. Webspinner’s deathrattle, which adds a random beast to your deck, will create all kinds of wow moments and, I think, will entertain players much more than the ones from the previous two weeks. When Blizzard first talked about Tavern Brawl, I was a bit surprised that they just offer one Classic Pack as a reward, but now I like that the new mode is so low-stakes because I can just play for fun.

If you are the competitive type or just want to have some extra fun, GosuGamers is organizing a weekly tournament, the Tavern Brawl Open, for those whose friends don’t play Hearthstone or who simply want more people to play with. The tournament is Best of 3, Single Elimination, and you can get more information and register here. The Tavern has just opened for the EU servers and will open for NA in about 30 minutes. So, unless you have arachnophobia, I’ll see you in the Tavern.


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