Deja Vu All Over Again: iOS 8.4 Update Has Broken 2K’s ‘Bioshock’

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Poor Apple, fixes one problem, creates a hundred. You are all aware that recent iOS updates have constantly broken many games, with one developer even temporarily quitting the App Store over iOS 8.3. Bioshock ($9.99), 2K’s port of the fantastic PC game, is the latest victim of this trend as the 8.4 update has rendered the game unplayable with players in our forums reporting black screens. Bioshock is one of the biggest games on iOS, so this situation doesn’t reflect well Apple and its updating process.

I wonder why we’ve had all these issues recently with updates breaking numerous games. Is there a lack of communication between Apple and the developers, are the developers not paying close attention to Apple’s recent demands, or is it a bit of both? These updates have long beta periods before release, so I would expect someone to pick up on any possible issues that might arise. Hopefully this whole issue gets remedied promptly because Rapture survives on quite limited air supply, and we wouldn’t want all its wonderful denizens dying just because of Apple, would we? Do you know of any other broken games after 8.4?

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    *** BioShock is currently incompatible with iOS version 8.4. We are working to update the game as soon as possible to in…
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