‘Zen Pinball’ Has a New ‘Ant-Man’ Table Coming in Two Weeks

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With the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe about to hit theaters in Ant-Man, Zen Studios has announced that they have a new Zen Pinball (Free) table coming for it based off of the movie. With a movie that’s based around a guy who can shrink to tiny sizes, Zen Studios has decided to take initiative to do some new things with their pinball engine. And yes, that includes shrunken pinballs, and some new mini-games that Zen promises aren’t like anything you’ve seen from them before. Sounds curious!


With the Ant-Man movie releasing on July 17th, the table will be available in the days ahead of that, so expect this one on iOS on July 16th or so, maybe a day early depending on when Zen Studios releases it. There’s no word on whether this will be a standalone app like their last licensed table, Portal Pinball ($1.99), or if you have to buy it through the base app or Marvel Pinball ($0.99) to unlock it.

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