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In ‘Trucksform’, Only a Flying Truck with Guns Can Save the World

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Do you enjoy trucks? Would you enjoy trucks more if they had the ability to transform, adding guns, hover abilities, and a giant frickin’ drill to the front of said truck? That’s the universe that Trucksform promises, coming to iOS in mid-July. This is a 2D physics racer, where you drive through hilly landscapes and can do flips in the air, but with certain obstacles that require you using your different truck modes to get past.

So, if there’s an area that requires you to be off the ground, you go into hover mode. Need to destroy a target ahead of you that you can’t bust through? Then you bust out the guns. Having some close calls with brick walls? Bust out the drill and break on through to the other side. This is all in the name of keeping the Earth from exploding, so, y’know…don’t screw up. This one’s out on Android right now, and will be releasing on iOS for free on July 16th.

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