‘World of Tanks Blitz’ First Anniversary Brings Freebies to All Players

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World of Tanks: Blitz (Free) has been around worldwide for about a year now, and has done remarkably well for Wargaming, with over 30 million downloads and having over 100,000 concurrent players. With the game’s first anniversary coming up, Wargaming’s running some special promotions for the game, and these will include some rewards for everyone, and people who take part in the game.

All accounts will get a special gift tank credited to their accounts. The anniversary is on June 26th, so you may not see the tank in your account until then. There will be daily challenges with special prizes. A livestream event will be hosted on June 26th as well at the official game’s website. Plus, if you haven’t played in a bit, the game’s got a new map that was added last week, “Port Bay" set in the US. The game has been a huge hit on mobile after becoming one of the biggest free-to-play games on PC, and it’ll be interesting to see if the coming years are as kind to it as the first year apparently was!

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