You Can Stop Asking About It Now: ‘Hitman Sniper’ Has Finally Launched in the App Store

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We didn’t know exactly when, but early yesterday we learned that Square Enix’s perpetually soft-launched sniper-centric take on the Hitman franchise would be coming today. As promised, Hitman Sniper ($0.99) has finally, at long last, for really realsies been released to the App Store. Seriously!

We last took a look at Hitman Sniper during last year’s E3, just about an entire year ago, and that version that we saw was basically what was soft-launched in select territories shortly afterward. Then many months later the game was taken down entirely for reasons not really explained. It turns out Square Enix took it down to rework it from free to play into a paid game. Neat!

Hopefully they added a bit more content to it as well. I’ve only just downloaded it myself, so it looks like we’ll get to find that out together, but the soft-launched version was definitely pretty light on stuff to do. Speaking of downloading, as has been the case for the past several weeks, I’ve heard many people complain about having issues with being able to download games from the App Store. I’ve run into some “Item No Longer Available" pop-ups myself, but so far I’ve been able to retry once or twice and get things downloaded. So if you’re having trouble be patient, the issues usually work themselves out. Oh, and to the small contingent of people who ask “Where is Hitman Sniper??" in the Out Now post every week? This one’s for you, buddies.

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