‘Epic Eric’ Gets Fifteen New Levels in Latest Update

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I’m always glad to hear that neat games get updates. Epic Eric ($0.99) is a solid little puzzle-platformer that involves swinging from gears, and swinging is one of my favorite game mechanics. While I kind of thought the game was lost to history, a recent Android port by 232 Studios brought a bit of hope that more was coming to Epic Eric. And now, my wishes have come true: 15 new levels have been added to this puzzle-platformer for you to enjoy.

Epic Eric New Levels

This fourth world throws 15 new levels with some new tricks to check out, like the rope that you can launch from. If you’ve beaten the game already, then these levels serve as as a challenging new way to enjoy the game, and hey – you get to check out a game you might not have played for a while.

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