Inkle Thought They Could Sneak a ‘Sorcery 3’ Secret Past Our Forums. They Thought Wrong.

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Inkle’s remarkably cool Sorcery 3 ($4.99) had a secret that was supposed to be really difficult to find: an ending that even Inkle themselves hadn’t unlocked by playing the game. The mistake they made was challenging our forum readers – an organized group of people obsessed about mobile gaming – to find it. Well, it took them a few weeks, but they figured it out. Since Inkle considers this a big spoiler, I’m posting it below the trailer, so if you don’t want to find out, don’t look!

So, the secret ending is called “No Beacons All Serpents" or NBAS. You must defeat all seven Serpents in the game, but without using the beacons of time, so no landscape altering, and no real help in doing so. Balyos on our forums posted a walkthrough of how to do it if you’re curious on just how to do this. Well done, TA forum readers.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of 80 Days ($4.99) – which you should be, it’s a very good game – Inkle says that the world record for fastest trip around the globe in the game? 28 days. You can actually view the trip for yourself in the app if you so wish. And Inkle says they’ve got another secret on the horizon we’ll be hearing about soon enough…

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