‘The Talos Principle’ Launches on Android, and an iOS Release Isn’t Impossible

Here’s a surprise: Devolver Digital and Croteam’s The Talos Principle, one of the top PC games of 2014, is out now on Android. But while it appears to be an exclusive to Nvidia hardware, there may be a little hope for iOS devices to get this game someday. This first-person puzzle game has you solving puzzles in a world that is a mixture of dilapidated ruins and advanced technology, with philosophical elements throughout the story. The game is available in episodic form on Google Play, with a $4.99 up-front purchase and five more episodes for $4.99 each. This makes it overall $10 cheaper than the full price of the PC version.

This is currently an Android and Tegra X1 and K1 exclusive. That means you need an Nvidia Shield tablet, the Shield Android TV, the Nexus 9, or any other device with those chipsets. But here’s the interesting thing the game has touchscreen controls. Some games have been Shield exclusives, like Half-Life 2, but have required a controller to play. With touchscreen controls being an option for this game, there’s definitely the possibility that this could work for iOS. Don’t let the talk of “needing" the Tegra K1 fool you, either – reports are that the iPad Air 2 beats the Tegra K1 devices that support this game. So who knows – maybe later this year if and when exclusivity expires and the next generation of iOS devices is out, we could just see this on our preferred set of platforms.

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