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‘Breach TD’ Will Adapt Popular ‘Starcraft 2’ Mod ‘Squad TD’ Into a Standalone Game Next Week

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Puerto Rican developer Space Rhino Games has announced their tower defense game Breach TD will be launching worldwide next week, on May 27th. The game is described as being a spiritual successor to Squad TD, which is a popular mod for Starcraft 2. The original creator and maintainer of the map, known as Tsjnsn, is part of Space Rhino Games, and he and his team have made this map conversion into a game of its own.

Breach TD will have you and a team of players trying to protect your Bastion tower from invading Void monsters. Another team is trying to protect their own tower from their own invaders; the first team to lose their tower loses the game. You have Guardians and Battle Cards that can be used to try and turn the tide of the game in your favor. Multiplayer is 3-v-3 and will support cross-platform play; the game is coming to iOS first with later Android and Steam versions. This should prove to be an interesting game, particularly for people who want big, complex, multiplayer games on mobile, so keep an eye out for it next week when it releases for free.

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