‘World of Tanks Blitz’ 1.9 Update Coming Before the End of May (Probably) and Adding a German Tank Line

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From the looks of it, has decided to continue unleashing big cats onto the World of Tanks Blitz (Free) battlefields. After adding the American Hellcat tank destroyer, in the upcoming 1.9 Update the developers are adding a German line leading to the Leopard I tank. More specifically, the update will add seven new German tanks: Pz III, Pz III/IV, VK 30.01D, VK 30.02 D, Indien-Pz, Leopard PT A, and Leopard 1. The big cat at the top of this line is a highly agile tank able to reach those important map locations before the enemy tanks and then use its great view range and characteristically-German gun accuracy to snipe freely.

Also, in what is sad news for me, some of the Russian Heavies like IS-3, IS-4, IS-7, IS-8, and KV-4 are getting nerfed. Expect to see increased reload times and increased dispersion from turret traversal, which pretty much means that these heavies will be even worse at shooting while rotating their turrets to destroy those pesky light and medium tanks. This nerf will make positioning and map location even more important when playing these Russian monsters. The update should be coming in the next two weeks (or earlier), so keep an ear to the ground for the familiar rumbling sound coming your way.

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