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Noodlecake and Ink Vial’s ‘Brickies’ Busts on to the App Store Next Week

Ink Vial and Noodlecake Games are bringing their take on the brick-breaker genre to the App Store next week: May 21st sees the release of Brickies. We saw this game back at GDC and posted the trailer when it first was released. Now we know that you’ll be getting your hands on the game on May 21st, next Thursday. We know it will be free-to-play, and odds are you can expect some clever ad shenanigans, like what Bitcoin Billionaire (Free) and Tiltagon (Free) had. Especially since this game is time-based, I’m curious to go hands-on with it and see what exactly they do with this one.

The levels being time-based seems like an interesting way to differentiate this from other brick-breakers. It’s kind of like Deadline mode from the Geometry Wars games, but as the entire game, where there’s no lives, but you suffer a punishment for dying. In this case, the ball is still active, but can’t break anything for a few seconds. That should separate it from other games in this crowded genre, such as Anodia 2 (Free) which just came out, and used Crossy Road (Free) style monetization. There are ever more bricks to be broken!