‘Hearthstone’ Apologizes to EU Players for Server Outages With a Card(s)

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If you were trying to play Hearthstone (Free) in the EU servers last week, you probably got quickly frustrated from being unable to log into the game. Apparently, Blizzard’s servers were experiencing some kind of undisclosed issue that prevented many from enjoying the game. It’s unlike Blizzard to have such issues for such a long period, so many were surprised (and frustrated). This wasn’t the kind of advertising Blizzard was looking for so recently after unleashing the game on mobile devices, but the issue is now fixed and everyone can go right back to dumping dozens of hours into the game.

In a move planned to appease the pitchfork-brandishing masses, Blizzard is giving two free Classic Card Packs to all European Hearthstone accounts (provided the account was created prior to May 3rd, 2015). The two packs can be found in the “Open Packs" section and should already be in your account. The packs won’t expire, so you don’t have to drop everything you’re doing and log into the game. If for some reason you don’t see the packs in your account, contact Blizzard, the company’s  great at taking care of these issues. Now, if only Blizzard fixed  the never-ending turn issue that’s been plaguing my matches for quite some time now (the game won’t freeze but no one can play a card or do anything of the sort).

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