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‘Skiing Yeti Mountain’ Shreds on to the App Store Next Week

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Skiing Yeti Mountain, the skiing game I previewed last month, is finished and is nearing a final release date. Developers Featherweight Games, also creators of Enterchained (Free), are releasing their goofy little skiing game next week, on May 21st. The game will be free to download and supported by ads, with a $2.99 IAP to remove them. You’ll be slaloming, racing, and just trying to discover, what is up with the yeti on this mountain!

Along with the game, Featherweight Games says they’ll be donating 50% of the game’s profits to charities to help out with recovery efforts from the earthquake in Nepal. Tim Kaldor, one of the two members of Featherweight, lived in Nepal up until May of 2014, and has decided to donate his share of the game’s profits toward recovery efforts, with links in the game to donate to charities. Section 21 of the App Store guidelines regulate charitable donations, though this game has been approved already, so it’s either okay with Apple or it slipped by the approval team. I’ve reached out to Featherweight to see if they’ll be providing any sort of verification about money going to charity, just to be sure.

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