Freebie Alert: ‘2-bit Cowboy’ Goes Free for the First Time to Celebrate its One-Year Anniversary

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been an entire year since Crescent Moon and Cascadia Games released their monochrome “Westernvania" platformer 2-bit Cowboy ($0.99) on the App Store. But time flies, and in celebration of this momentous anniversary the game has been discounted from its already-paltry price of 99¢ all the way down to free. The clever term of Westernvania is a play on Metroidvania–an action platformer that takes place in one big level map that slowly opens up new areas as new abilities are attained by your character–but, you know, with a Western theme.

You can read all about 2-bit Cowboy in our original review, but the bottom line is that while it isn’t perfect, it’s an incredibly fun game and easily worth the time it takes to download for free. The world is fun to explore and the constant meta-goals have you on your toes searching out items and enemies, making it a pretty engaging experience. So check it out, and if you end up really enjoying it and feeling guilty for getting it free, there’s always a coin doubler you could buy for a buck to put your mind at ease.

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