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‘GoatZ’ Combines ‘Goat Simulator’ and Zombie Survival, Coming to iOS This Week

Coffee Stain Studios has just announced the latest Goat Simulator ($4.99) expansion pack, and unlike Goat MMO Simulator, it’s actually coming to mobile! GoatZ is coming to Goat Simulator this week, and that includes iOS! GoatZ will finally bring together the two most popular genres out there that aren’t Five Nights at Freddy’s ($2.99): absurd physics simulators, and zombie-survival-crafting games. Seriously, you’ll finally be able to craft things and fight off zombies while also a goat. The trailer must be seen to be believed:

GoatZ will be a $4.99 expansion for the desktop Goat Simulator, but for mobile, it will be a standalone app for the same price. So rejoice, mobile fans, you’ll be able to get your goat survival on without owning the original Goat Simulator. I don’t know why you wouldn’t already own Goat Simulator, but I believe in freedom of choice. Expect plenty of ‘intentional’ bugs and general wackiness that satirizes the genre. Especially as Coffee Stain is joking that this is the first zombie-survival game not in Early Access. Well, maybe on PC: Radiation Island ($4.99) is feature complete, y’all! Still, GoatZ is looking like it’s going to be an experience starting this Thursday.