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‘Anodia 2′ Combines Brick-Breakers with…’Crossy Road’?

Fans of brick-breaker games will want to keep an eye out for Anodia 2 this Thursday, as it brings stylish brick-breaking action with loads of powerups to iOS for free. The sequel to 2011’s Anodia ($2.99) will feature 80 levels of brick-breaking with a number of gimmicks: invisible levels, glass bricks, challenging bricks, power-downs and power-ups, and more! If you’re interested in giving it a try, the folks at CLM Games have put a web-based demo online for you to try out from a desktop browser.

Interestingly, Anodia 2 is trying to do the Crossy Road (Free) thing with its monetization. You’ll earn coins with regular bonuses, and through watching video ads, but what you unlock with them are new levels that can appear randomly in the game. This system is based on a system that tries to give you the next level “based on the play count, recent game history and levels’ similarity." This is an interesting system, and you’ll be able to try it out for yourself starting this Thursday.