‘Infinity Blade II’ and ‘Infinity Blade III’ Both Update to Support iPhone 6

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A little over seven months into the life of the iPhone 6 seems to be the sweet spot as to when you finally get around to updating your existing catalog of games to work with the new screen size. We’ve seen a ton of different iPhone 6 updates recently, and hopefully this gravy train keeps rolling as it’s awesome to be able to go back and replay these classics that I half assumed would always just be kinda-sorta broken forever. This morning Infinity Blade II ($6.99) and Infinity Blade III ($6.99) were both updated, bringing these iOS classics up to speed with modern iOS gaming.

Both games are great, but if you’re committed to getting even one of them you might as well buy the Infinity Blade Bundle for ten bucks. You don’t really need to play the games in order, although it’d probably make more sense from a plot perspective, but if you end up enjoying one Infinity Blade game, chances are you’ll enjoy them all.

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