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‘Galaga Tekken’ is a Real Thing, Really Releasing This Week?!

One great thing about mobile games is that sometimes a small April Fool’s joke can quickly be turned around into a real game. Zombie Gunship Arcade (Free), for example. Take Galaga Tekken. It was initially announced as an April Fool’s joke, where Heihachi and Kazuya from the Tekken games would be shooting other Tekken characters, all being played as Galaga. Oh, and a giant Pac-Man would come across the screen and destroy everything. Apparently this ‘joke’ was an actual game, created for Tekken‘s 20th anniversary, and because who couldn’t use more Galaga in their lives? Watch this Galaga Tekken trailer created when it was just an April Fool’s joke, and pay attention to just how real it looks:

This supposedly is going to release this Thursday, April 30th, at least in Japan. And we can only hope for an international release, because I want to play this. Though, I must admit when I first heard the name Galaga Tekken, I thought it was going to be Galaga characters fighting in Tekken-style battles. That’s another game I’d like to play.