‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ Updated With New Realms, Characters

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DeNA’s Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (Free) has been consistently updated on a weekly basis since its release with limited time events that offered the opportunity to unlock a few characters. This week’s update doesn’t follow the same vein but instead focuses on expanding the game’s core content.

As of Tuesday night, players can unlock new records in the pre-existing Final Fantasy series records as well as open up both the Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II realms. After playing through the Phantom Train record in Final Fantasy VI (which also unlocks Cyan at its conclusion once you beat the boss), Final Fantasy I is unlocked. The first record in Final Fantasy I also unlocks the Knight character, which was the upgraded Fighter class from that title. Play through enough of the Final Fantasy I records (along with the various records that get unlocked through in the existing realms) and you’ll unlock Final Fantasy II which offers even more records to play through as well as Josef to unlock. Besides the added characters, precious mythril and stamina crystals are available to unlock. Finally, playing subsequent unlocked records in Final Fantasy VI will eventually unlock the Summoner (but Rydia is still better).

We’ve been playing through most of the content and honestly there isn’t much to detail in terms of strategy beyond our generalized guide that was posted at Record Keeper’s worldwide launch.  If you’ve been regularly playing the game, upgrading weapons and skills via daily dungeons, and have a good set of equipment for your main party you shouldn’t have much problem with the classic dungeons. The same can’t be said for the Elites, which require specific strategies for nearly every boss (we’ll try and get some guides up on those at a later date).

In addition to the new content, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper also has upped the drop rate on a lot of characters’ Soul Break weapons for the next couple of weeks. Kain, Rydia, Cloud and Wakka (as well as Aerith) are included so if you’ve been saving up your mythril now’s the time to spend it in the relic draw. The Aerith event is also still in play through the end of April so if you haven’t been collecting your Magicite get to it! For folks looking for more ability variety this week’s content update also adds a significant amount of new abilities to craft such as Flare, Holy, Barrage (four random attacks at 70% damage!) rand Shrunken (a ranged physical attack).

Odds are we’ll probably get another limited time event next week, and we’ll be sure to cover it when it appears.

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