Best iPhone and iPad Game – 4/24/15 – ‘Sorcery! 3’

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Apple Watch Release day! Maybe next week, we’ll have some Apple Watch games in this roundup, maybe. Either way, this week was pretty dominated by Apple Watch news so we didn’t publish as many reviews as we usually would… But that doesn’t mean we skimped on one great game Sorcery! 3. It’s our highest rated game of the week, and really, our only really highly rated game review that we published. But, hey, whatever, it’s awesome.

Sorcery! 3, $4.99 [Review] – The gamebook landscape has changed in interesting ways since the first Sorcery! ($4.99) launched on iOS. At the time, nobody else was really playing around much with the gamebook concept. Mobile versions of gamebooks had digital dice and saved on carrying around a book, and the presentation had been jazzed up a bit with digital color being a mite cheaper than doing the same in print, but the essential experience was still slavish to the original paper-bound form of the genre. In the nearly two years that have passed since Sorcery!‘s debut on iOS, we’ve had things like Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf (Free) from Forge Reply, Appointment With F.E.A.R. ($5.99) from Tin Man Games, and of course inkle’s own 80 Days, all with their own unique ideas for expanding the genre beyond the boundaries of its original form. Upon first appearances, Sorcery! 3 ($4.99) almost feels a bit quaint by how closely it resembles the preceding installments of the series. Here’s a lesson to bring with you into the game itself, however: initial impressions can’t always be trusted.

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