‘Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be’ Goes On Sale For One Day Only

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Hello, friends! You know, April 23rd is a pretty special day. It’s World Book Day, the day the first game at Wrigley Field was played, the birthday of my childhood crush Joyce DeWitt, and the day Coca-Cola launched the world-beating New Coke in 1985. In the United Kingdom, it’s also National Shakespeare Day, possibly because he was born on that day, or maybe not. Nobody really knows, as he was the only one at the time doing much writing that would last for centuries afterwards, and he wasn’t really narcissistic enough to write about himself.

Perhaps in celebration of one, all, or none of those things, Tin Man Games is putting Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be ($6.99) on sale for one day only. Normally selling for $5.99, on April 23rd you can pick it up for a cool $1.99. That’s a T-Rex-sized deal for a hilarious take on one of the Bard’s most famous stories, rewritten with love by a man who makes a web comic without an artist. Our own Carter Dotson loved it enough in his review to give it the full five stars, which is pretty much 26 stars on a normal human scale. Mathematical impossibilities are just the start of the fun!

This is just a one-day sale, though, so if you want it, don’t spend too long digging through the sofa cushions. I can’t think of a better way to spend $1.99 on April 23rd, unless you can convince someone to sell you a sports car for $1.99, in which case you should probably go for that instead. Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be would be a close second, though!

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