iOS Classic ‘Disc Drivin’ Getting Three New Tracks in Upcoming Update

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A long-time App Store favorite is getting updated once again with fresh content. Disc Drivin’ ($2.99), the turn-based racing game where you slide discs around tracks, trying to finish first ahead of your opponents, is getting its first update in a year and a half. It’s getting updated to support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but the really exciting news? There’s three new tracks getting added to the game. Here’s one of them, a new ice track called Two Cool:

Disc Drivin Two Cool

Two other tracks, Jump Cut and Roundabout, will be added, too. The update’s in Apple’s hands right now, and should be available this week. This game is a favorite here at TouchArcade, and I’ve been a huge fan since long before I wrote here. It’s great to see this game still getting updated, serving as a great reminder that this is a ton of fun, what with all the powerups to screw over opponents, and dangerous jumps to take on the tracks. If you never played it, download it now, it still holds up to this day.

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