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Latest ‘Party Hard’ Trailer Features a Killer Bear with Sunglasses

About a month ago, we posted the reveal trailer for a game called Party Hard, a game where your goal is to murder everyone at a party at your neighbor’s house because they are being too loud. Talk about overreacting! A collaborative effort between Pinokl Games and tinyBuild, Party Hard is semi-procedurally generated and features dozens of clever ways to set traps and take out noisy party-goers. The latest trailer for the game has just been released and it shows a party going down at a ranch, and the disgruntled neighbor luring a bear with sunglasses over to the shindig to wreak havoc.

Why don’t all game trailers have bears with sunglasses in them? As messed up as the premise is for Party Hard, it looks incredibly fun finding all the different ways to, ahem, murder innocent people. The developers will be showing off a near-final version of the game at E3 in June, and it’s scheduled to launch on Steam in the months that follow. A mobile version is planned too so make sure keep the noise down until then unless you want to be taken out by your angry neighbor.