Tube-Runner ‘Proun+’ and Stealth Puzzler ‘Hitman GO’ Are On Sale Today

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[appicon url="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id792699877?mt=8"] Yesterday was, for most Americans, the deadline to file taxes for 2014, and never has Jesus’ admonition that “It it most blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35) rung so hollow. Not so for Joost van Dongen: today is the Dutch designer’s birthday, and he’s slashed the price of his tube-runner, Proun+ (Free) to celebrate.

In Proun+, you tap and bump a chrome marble through a series of surreal Kadinsky-scapes, trying to master each hairpin and switchback to improve your times. Our own Carter Dotson recommended Proun+ in his review: “Racing fans, as well as anyone who likes tube-racers, tube-runners, whatever you want to call them, ought to give it a a shot."

If you’re inclined to do so, act quickly: Proun+ is free for today only. After that, the price climbs up to $0.99 for a week, and then skyrockets to its exorbitant normal price of, uh, $3.99.

Agent 47 has his own reasons to celebrate today as well: Square Enix sneakily put Hitman GO ($4.99) on sale to celebrate the one year anniversary of its release. The game is a cool $0.99 right now, but no details on how long that will last.

Hitman GO was a revelation when it came out last year, fusing the series’ trademark stealth and a series of intricate, turn-based puzzle boxes. And, honestly, a slew of post-release updates—including new levels and new puzzle mechanics—is probably enough to get me to revisit the game as soon as I finish writing this post.

In other Hitman news: Square Enix has mostly maintained radio silence since announcing Hitman Sniper at E3 last year (our impressions here) and soft-launching the game in Canada in October. (The game was later removed from the Canadian App Store.) However, in a post today about the Hitman GO sale on Square Enix Montreal’s corporate blog, the team promised to share new info about Sniper “incredibly soon."

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