Rayark’s ‘Implosion – Never Lose Hope’ Hits the App Store

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Those hoping for a fast-paced character action game for their mobile device have been waiting (im)patiently for Rayark’s Implosion ($1.99), and today the game has finally launched in the App Store. We originally caught wind of Implosion way back in September of 2013 when it debuted at the Tokyo Game Show, with a planned release for sometime in 2014. The development took longer than expected though, pushing the release date back several times. Even their January 2015 target was a bit too optimistic, but luckily they didn’t miss the mark too much as it’s still just early April. I mean, at least it isn’t 2016, am I right?

Early impressions are just starting to roll into our forums, but so far it sounds like Implosion offers up bite-sized missions with interesting combat mechanics. Although it supports MFi controllers, the touch controls sound like they work really well for such a complex game. Oh, also, Implosion is a hefty game, weighing in at 1.31 GB when downloaded from the store and 1.9 GB installed on device. Coupled with last night’s release of Mortal Kombat X and my once mighty 128 GB iPhone 6 is weeping. Hopefully it’s all worth it though, so expect more on Implosion as we get a chance to *ahem* actually download this sucker and dig in.

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