‘Hearthstone’ Blackrock Mountain Likely Unlocks on or Before Noon Pacific Today

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Today is the day that the first wing of Hearthstone’s (Free) Blackrock Mountain single player adventure is unlocked for players to try their luck in the Grim Guzzler. Blizzard isn’t giving up any specific details on when the first wing is going to unlock, but we’ve got two things to go off of: An email Twitch sent out and the historical precedence set by Curse of Naxxramas.

First off, Twitch is sending out emails advising Hearthstone players that pro players Amaz and Trump will be streaming the game from noon until 2:00 Pacific time (which is a little less than three hours from now as of this posting time). Secondly, we were pretty on the ball with posting about Curse of Naxxramas going live and that story went up at 10:45 AM Pacific. So, if Blackrock Mountain similarly opened up at around 11:00 AM PDT, it’d give streamers an hour of wiggle room which would make sense.

Either way, we’re definitely just speculating here, but it would seem pretty weird for Blizzard to not unlock the expansion for everyone. Particularly in these single player adventures, watching someone else play can be pretty spoiler-y. I can’t really see Blizzard forcing players hungry to try their luck in the new expansion to just watch someone else play instead.

So, Hearthstone fanatics, find your dowsing rod, point it at a clock, and let us know what kind of readings you’re getting when it comes to wild speculation on when Blackrock Mountain will hit today.

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