The First Wing of ‘Hearthstone’ Blackrock Mountain Has Been Unlocked

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Well, the time for release time speculation is over as the second single player adventure for Hearthstone, Blackrock Mountain, just had its first wing unlock. Blackrock Depths pits players against Coren Direbrew, High Justice Grimstone, and Emperor Thaurissan in normal and heroic difficulty modes. Just like Curse of Naxxramas, we’re expecting the normal mode to be pretty simple and beatable with most decks while heroic mode will likely require specific strategies and deck types. Of course, just like Naxx, I assume it won’t take long for someone to throw together some great totally free to play decks to beat the expansion content as well.

We’ve got all hands on deck (or at least, the hands on deck who play Hearthstone) to whip up guide content for Blackrock Mountain, so if you’ve found yourself stuck on a particular encounter just give us a bit to draft up the best way to beat ’em.

So, good luck everyone! Also, if for some insane reason you still aren’t playing Hearthstone yet, we’ve got a review of both the original release as well as the Curse of Naxxramas adventure. It’s safe to say, this is money (or in-game gold) well spent.

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