‘DomiNations’ from Revived Big Huge Games Out Now on App Store

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Nexon and Big Huge Games have just released their new game DomiNations (Free) worldwide on the App Store after a few months in soft launch. Big Huge Games in its first incarnation made Rise of Nations and the ill-fated Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. That last game, which was made after they were acquired by former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, eventually led to Brian Reynolds (lead designer on Civilization 2) and Tim Train to get the rights back to the name Big Huge Games, which they’re now releasing new games under, with DomiNations being the first.

This is another raiding-strategy game a la Clash of Clans (Free) where you build a base, and attack other players, but Big Huge Games is promising a bit off a deeper game, where you have more command of your units in battle. You’ll be taking your armies through many ages of civilization, starting from the stone age, and making your way up to more modern eras. Once you unlock a new era, you’ll be matched only with players of that era, so it serves as kind of a skill tier system in that way.

These kinds of raiding-strategy games are always tricky because little differences between games can go a long way toward player enjoyment, so if you’re at least interested in the whole raiding-strategy genre, might as well check this one out considering that the pedigree behind it.

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