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Side-Scrolling Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘SteamWorld Heist’ is Coming to Mobile

Image & Form, who made the much-loved SteamWorld Dig for a variety of platforms, are returning to this universe with their upcoming SteamWorld Heist. Why am I telling you about this on a mobile site? Well, Image & Form has at last confirmed that SteamWorld Heist is coming to mobile along with almost every other platform on the planet. This is a side-scrolling turn-based strategy game, where you travel through space, assemble a team of robots, and then fight other enemies on their ships and their crews. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

There’s plenty of reason to get excited about this – SteamWorld Dig was much-beloved, and this is looking like it’s delivering a neat take on tactical gameplay by being side-scrolling, and using some skill-based elements, like aiming specifically at targets. The turn-based aspect makes it a perfect fit for mobile, and I’m glad to see Image & Form planning on a mobile release. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more on this game, which is expected to release this fall.