‘Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’ Hits the US App Store

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Well folks, after an acclaimed review, a behind-the-scenes interview with its producers, and a thorough exploration on the longevity of the game, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is finally (pun intended) available on the US App Store.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the game is being released for free and is one of the most generous freemium RPGs we’ve seen in a long while. Bear in mind that DeNA and Square Enix aren’t making all the content that Shaun discussed in his Japanese version piece available instantly so newcomers will only have access to records from Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII and X at the onset. Additional dungeons for those games, along with archives for the other titles will be coming down the pipeline in subsequent updates (hopefully sooner rather than later).

With a little help from the game’s loot lottery (which takes both in-game and IAP currency; I went with the latter) I managed to score a high-end weapon early on and even with that assistance it still took me about five hours of actual gameplay time before I ran out of “new content.” This also doesn’t take into consideration that I’ve yet to touch the Elite Dungeons, which are the hard versions of each of the records that I’ve already played through (which would likely at least double the amount of potential gameplay time before you truly run out of stuff to do) or the fact that I could easily spend a great deal of time upgrading and earning new skills and items by grinding already completed dungeons.

Regardless, enjoy the ride and be on the lookout for Part II of our interview with the producers along with a guide to the game in the next few days.

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