‘KingsRoad’ Online Action-RPG Updated with iPhone Support

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KingsRoad (Free), an action-RPG with online multiplayer that made its way from PC to iPad last year, is making another jump, this time from iPad to iPhone. Rumble Entertainment has launched the version 3.0.0 update which makes the previous iPad-only app universal, bringing in iPhone players for the first time. If you don’t know what KingsRoad is about, we got to see how far the game has come along when we recorded a video of the game at GDC:

Along with the univesral update, there’s a new daily login bonus, always a welcome feature when I’m playing a game regularly. Some other tweaks and bug fixes have been added. Additionally, the Runestone Tournament will launch in KingsRoad on April 7th, and for about four weeks, you can unlock powerful jewels by retrieving runes in order to fight Modrain the First King, who’s going around resurrecting ancient rulers. That’s just rude. You can get the update to KingsRoad now, and stop all this rude ruler resurrection for yourself.

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