‘Dark Souls’ Drum Player Makes Even the Craziest Touch Controls Look Appealing

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When we look at FPS and other high precision input games on mobile, a comment we often hear is that the touch screen just isn’t an appropriate medium. We hear over and over again that FPS just doesn’t belong on iOS. I love seeing stories like this in light of that sentiment. What we have here is a gentleman enthusiast of the game Dark Souls. He also really likes the DK Bongo drums controller. Perfect fit right? Well apparently it is because he managed to mod the drums and BEAT his old clear time using a regular controller.

If you aren’t familiar with what Dark Souls is, it is a console game celebrated for it’s amazing difficulty and precision required just to complete. There is a community of people out there that love to use the outside of the box control structure the bongos provide, but this game in particular is a real achievement to beat even with a normal controller. Effort might be a factor when you have to adjust to new control schemes, but this is a testament that sometimes different doesn’t mean worse.

So, next time you find yourself saying “Argh, touchscreen controls," just remember… Any game is playable, even with the craziest controls, with a little dedication.

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