‘The Blocks Cometh’ Update with New Characters and Free Version Coming Soon

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The Blocks Cometh (Free) is one of my personal all-time favorite iOS games, and it’s getting an update for its fourth anniversary on the App Store, which is coming as soon as Apple approves it. Halfbot shared this morning that they have submitted the update to the game, so as soon as Apple approves it, which should hopefully be by the end of this week depending on Apple approvals. Some behind-the-scenes stuff caused some delays from the original February release for the update, but things are on track now, assuming Apple has been appeased.

The update will feature a pair of new characters to play as, in honor of the game’s 4th anniversary. The main game will be updated, and a free version with ads (and an IAP to remove them) will also be available, in case you weren’t willing to shell out the paltry fee to buy the game, or you missed it during one of its free sales. It’s okay, we all make mistakes in our life.

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