From the Forums: ‘Dungeon Hunter 5’ Friend Codes Trading

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Did you stay up all night last night playing Dungeon Hunter 5 (Free) but feel like something’s missing? And that something is your depressingly barren friends list? Well, we’ve got you covered. There’s a huge thread in our forums forming of people dropping their friend codes for other people to add. In fact, we’ve got a whole forum dedicated to trading these kind of codes if you play other games that have similar systems.

If you’re less into friend code trading and more into discussing the overall strategy of the game itself, the discussion thread for the game is a better place to hang out. What I’m trying to say is our forums are pretty rad.

We’ll have our full review of the game up soon, but since it’s free, you might as well just give it a spin. Chances are it won’t take you long before you’re posting your own friend code in the thread I mentioned.

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