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GDC 2015: Open-World Space Trading Game ‘Drifter’ Still in the Works for iOS

Colin Walsh of Celsius Game Studios stopped by the Touch Arcade GDC war room to show off the latest version of Drifter, his long-in-development open-world space simulation game. The game has been in early access on Steam for a while now, but the game is still planned to release on iOS down the road, and he showed off the game running on an original iPad Mini. Check out the video here:

As you see, you can buy and sell materials, and take missions at different systems throughout the galaxy, using warps and slipstream abilities to get everywhere. The world contains randomness – for example, when we got to the mission objective, the ship was fighting with someone else and their pursuers got mad when they were shot at. Stuff like that can happen all throughout the massive universe that the game provides.

There’s no release date planned for the game right now, it’s still in development and you can check it out on Early Access on Steam right now, but when it’s done, it’ll be on a bevy of iOS devices. If you played Red Nova ($1.99), you’ll recognize the touch controls in play here. The game needs to be optimized for iPhone in terms of how the interface works, but expect a version for that as well.