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‘Real Steel Champions’ Will Let You Build Robots and Then Fight With Them

Reliance Games has just announced a new game in the Real Steel ($0.99) series of robot fighting games, including Real Steel World Robot Boxing (Free). That new game is Real Steel Champions, and you can expect to be playing it in March. Expect more and more from this robot-fighter: the new Championship mode boasts 20 total fights with 4 bosses to take down, along with 30 challenges, over 90 Time Attack matches, and a Free Sparring mode.

The big new hook here, though is the ability to create your own robot from a variety of parts, including Heads, Torsos, Hands, and Legs from various robots from the history of the series. Ten arenas are available to fight in here as well. Building and fighting with your own robots? My, what an age we live in. You’ll be able to do so in March, though we have no concrete release date quite yet.