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‘Overkill 3’ Goes Worldwide with Giant Robots This Month

Good news for fans of of the Overkill franchise, as Overkill 3 is leaving soft launch this month, with a worldwide release on February 26th. This is actually the fourth Overkill game, with the third game being last year’s Overkill Mafia (Free). The game has been in soft launch since last July, and since then, the developers have been tweaking and improving the game, and seeking out feedback from the forums and from beta testers of as-yet-unreleased versions of the game. Here’s a video showing off some of the gameplay from an earlier build:

The game now boasts a 3rd-person perspective for you to move from cover to cover, more enemies and “big-ass robots" to shoot, because of course, why not. Gun customization has been upgraded, and the visuals promise to be top-notch. The long soft-launch period of the game is potentially some cause for concern as to the game’s long-term viability, but given that Overkill 2 (Free) was free-to-play and at least had a presene in the grossing ranks for a brief amount of time, and Craneballs is a smaller company than, say, King or Supercell, perhaps there’s reason to be more optimistic about this game’s performance. We’ll find out how much fun it is really soon.