Lonnie Teeters Atop a Tree and Fights Off Monkeys in ‘Endless Balance’

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We’ve been posting videos from YouTuber Lonnie Randall all week long, and it’s been a very… interesting experience. Some people are clearly not Lonnie fans, but we think his videos are funny and since they deal with iOS games they’re also relevant to what we do here at TouchArcade. So if you’re among those who don’t enjoy Lonnie’s videos, then let me kindly remind you that you definitely don’t have to watch them!

With that public service announcement out of the way, let’s take a look at Lonnie playing Endless Balance (Free), the latest in a series of balancing games from Tapinator. The goal is to shift your balance left or right to counteract forces like wind, flying leaves, pestering monkeys and more. All this balancing takes place on a tree that’s growing ever higher. I’ve played Endless Balance, and it’s a hard freaking game, so it’s actually pretty impressive how good Lonnie is at playing it.

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