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Noodlecake and Other Ocean Announce ‘RAD Boarding’, Featuring Giant Eyepatch-Wearing Bears

Noodlecake Games and Other Ocean Interactive have just announced their next title, RAD Boarding, a game that indeed looks radical. This Canadian collaboration has you controlling Rod Geiger, a burnt-out celebrity from that wondrous decade of the 1990’s, which is now far enough in the past for us to wax nostalgic about, apparently. You hop on your snowboard, and outrun the oncoming end of the world, with volcanoes, and giant eyepatch-wearing bears coming after you, pulling off tricks along the way. Because if the world’s going to end, might as well go out in style.

Other Ocean is a veteran development studio, with a number of games including the ultra-cool (but currently unavailable on the App Store) Dark Void Zero and the bizarre “NBA stars outrunning an alien invasion" game NBA Rush (Free). As well, Noodlecake Games is a consistently-solid publisher and developer of cool games, so the pedigree here makes this one seem ultra-fascinating. You know, in case trying to outrun a giant eyepatch-wearing bear wasn’t intriguing enough. Keep an eye out for this one, and join the forum thread to chat more about RAD Boarding.