‘Platform Panic’ Gets Character Upgrades in New Update, Available Now

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Nitrome’s Platform Panic (Free) was a really cool endless take on retro-style platformers, and they’ve got an update available now that adds a new dimension to the game: character upgrades. Previously, each character was only a cosmetic change from the other ones. Now, for 200 coins per character, you can unlock a special ability for each one. The Plumber can kill enemies by jumping on their heads, which makes too much sense because he is a Mario pastiche. Sadly, the Blue Rodent doesn’t go super-fast, with a Nitrome rep saying “it was tempting…it’s not actually a very good idea in this game so it didn’t make the cut." he gets a coin magnet, which, hey, Sonic did get with the lightning shield in Sonic 3. Hey Sega, you should release that on iOS.

Each character gets their own upgrade, and while different characters are different costs, it’s a flat 200 coin cost per character. You can unlock a bunch of the characters and upgrades with the $3.99 5000 coin IAP if you feel like just doing that in one straight shot. Nitrome’s got more games in the works, including one you may just get to see next month if all goes well. They can’t stop, won’t stop! The update for Platform Panic went live this morning, so you should be able to nab it now.

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