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‘Radiation Island’ From The Developers of ‘Battle Supremacy’ Coming This Week

While you might not know Atypical Game by name, you definitely know their games they’ve released on the App Store. They’re the dudes behind Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders ($4.99), Sky Gamblers: Cold War ($4.99), and Battle Supremacy ($4.99). All are great games with some awesome graphics which are perfect for showing off what iOS devices are capable of. This week they’ve got a new game on the way called Radiation Island. Check out the teaser:

It’s a survival open world adventure game set in an “eerie alternate reality." Players will hunt for food, treasure, equipment, and weaponry to survive in a dangerous world filled with radiation, harsh weather, and of course, mutant zombies. It’s giving me a bit of a Fallout vibe, and I hope that’s the kind of thing we’re looking at here. Either way, there’s not much time before it shows up on the App Store.

Keep an eye out for Radiation Island along with all the other iOS releases tomorrow.