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‘Dungeon Hunter 5’ Officially Revealed, with Details on New Multiplayer Mode

Prepare your shocked faces, as after last week’s teaser site that had barely-obscured links to Dungeon Hunter 5, the game has been officially revealed by Gameloft. The long-running mobile hack ‘n slash franchise is getting its latest entry, promising to be prettier, hackier, and slashier than ever. Gameloft has released a trailer showing off some footage of the game with some of the developers talking about the game:

Along with the standard array of features, the multiplayer will boast a dungeon-building system where you have to make your way through a player’s constructed hideout, fighting through their traps and minions, and then to fight the player, with gold and loot to be earned. As well, there’s item crafting with fusing different items to form better ones, a fairly standard system. Expect this to be free-to-play with the two currency system, and also because the last few entries were free-to-play. Gameloft has yet to mention a release date for this, but with the promotional ramp-up, it’s hard to imagine waiting too long for this one.